Our girls range in age from 5-18, but they all have one thing in common: their past. It is difficult for them at times to share their stories, as most of their moms committed suicide due to their dad’s extra marital affairs.
They come from the slums, from malnourishment, from physical abuse, and from many other obstacles that they must learn to overcome.  Many times it is beyond what you may even care to hear. But it is THEIR story. And no matter how many times it is told, the main character does not change. 

        It is woven into the fabric of who they become. But let us not forget, their past does not determine their future. At THHCF, this is exactly what we want to change. We want to ensure that their future has HOPE and unlike their past; MANY good things. So unlike many websites that feature a child’s past…we desire to only feature their present and their ambitions in life…because to us , and to them, that is what matters most! Below are just a few of the girls that live at The Hope Home.

Age 16


She is in the 9th standard and has lived in our home since she was five. Tiya is the most amazing artist we have in our home. She can draw anything, and draw it well. She is also extremely good at football, and throwball, and square ball, and volleyball too! Her ambition in life is to be a professional artist someday.

Age 14


She loves to play piano, read books, and take care of our home’s dog.
Nidhi is in 9th standard and came to live in our home at the age of 4. When she is not studying, you can find her playing football with her sisters, and laughing A LOT!!! Her ambition in life is to be a principal of a school some day.

age 9


She loves to play skipping rope. In the second standard, she is one of those girls who always has a smile on her face. If you ask her why she is smiling, she SMILES again, and says with a big giggle, “SIMPLY”. We all need Arpana’s in our life. She reminds us often that we need to have fun, relax, and skip through life with a smile on our faces. Her ambition in life is “to be a social worker who helps the poor people.”

Age 13


She came to our home at age 5. She loves to do classical dance. Many times Neha sits first in her class, and she recently had the opportunity to have her overbite corrected by wearing metal clips. Though it’s all new to her, she has been a sport going for the ortho appointments. Her ambition in life is to be a professional dancer and travel around the world with her talent.

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Our genuine hope is that you would come visit our girls and meet them in person, and see how you can make a difference in the life of even just one girl child!

 Note: The names & faces have been changed to protect their identity.