Since 2008

Bengaluru, India


The Hope Home Children’s Foundation exists to change the destiny of the girls in our nation who have been deprived, either by death or abandonment, of growing up without a mother. We are not an institution, nor are we a hostel. Instead, we are a family home, which places a huge emphasis on the value of the girl child. At THHCF, we believe girls can do anything!

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Let's build a lasting legacy together.

We hope you can come home one day and meet the girls whose lives are being transformed at The Hope Home. You will be so glad you did!

Since 2008 we have been providing quality care for a number of girls who have come to live at The Hope Home. Giving them quality education in an English Medium school, as well as providing study tuitions for them, allows the children to learn to their full capacity. We also desire to give them the opportunity to explore the arts and sports. Many times throughout the years, the girls have had the privilege of taking dance, guitar and voice lessons. They even have their own football team!!!

We believe growing up in a  large family environment, with many sisters, and loving Aunty’s, gives them the confidence they need to face the world. As the girls grow up in our home we take care to transition them into young adulthood, providing them the tools needed for standing on their own two feet! 


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